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Behacad I know of no health professional body that would forbid a sexual relationship with a former student. State medical boards prohibit sexual relationships with patients. Just as a never-say-never anecdote, I know of a case of a teacher being fired for dating a former student well after that student had graduated—but this was at my Catholic high school, and rumor had it that the principal had some personal problem with the teacher in question and had been looking for an excuse to fire her as it was.

Very different situation in many details though, obviously. I think this is especially true in your situation, where there is or should be no question that the relationship might have been going on during the original situation, but instead only started after you had both left the institution where that was. Frankly, between a TA and an undergrad, I would think it ok as long as some months passed between the end of the class and the beginning of the more involved relationship, though I can understand why some people might want to be cautious about that.

Also consider the time elapsed.

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Undergrad and TA vs Post-Doc and career. If the original school found out about it, anyone looking at it would just say "Oh, that's nice. If your current school found out about it, they would say exactly what this answer says, which is "It has nothing to do with us". I see no problem. Nate Eldredge Nate Eldredge k 32 No issues, even the employer is fine.

Solar Mike Solar Mike I can say that in Turkey it is fine, some people may gossip about it but no one actually makes that much fuss. One woman advisor, for instance married her master student and that was years ago, they are quite happy now. Why others try to decide about people's private life, I do not understand.


There are two main reasons: David Richerby David Richerby 29k 6 59 This answer covers an important detail, but I come to another conclusion: You should evaluate Point 2 - in some cases former students can still perceive a former teacher as an authority and dating could be abusing this perceived authority. Even outside of academia it can be problematic if you are in some kind of work relationship but that doesn't seem to be the case here.

It's not just the impartiality aspect - there's also the question about whether there would be an implicitly coercive aspect to the relationship given that the instructor's in a position of power over the student. In either case, given that he's not in a position of power over her now, that presumably wouldn't apply either.

Ryan Ryan 31 1. Daniel Daniel 31 2. I'm a little confused I didn't know elementary and middle schools HAD junior years DSVA Depends a lot on culture. And, if Forbidden Chemistry ends up dating his student before the term is over, he and she must commit to keeping their interactions in the lab all business.

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Is It Ethical For Professors To Date Students? | Ethics Alarms

The TA could address the whole class about such things as what counts most, in lab write-ups. This way, everybody would have the benefit of the same knowledge of priorities. This way, nobody can say that I was showing favoritism. Remember, it would be just as easy to favor male friends, who I went to sporting events with.

What about those guys, who were of age, who I occasionally went out with to have a beer? I would give everybody the benefit of the doubt; that way, no accusations of favoritism could be made! Comment by Donald Visconti March 2, Reply. Nice blog, I added u in my link, would u add me too. Comment by chemistry May 17, Reply. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.

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Stemwedel By email, a reader asks for advice on a situation in which the personal and the professional seem like they might be on a collision course: Right out of hs yes, I'm judging and it is wrong. But a decade later? It is not so black and white. So if at 22 I teach an 18 year old and don't see him again until we meet up at a bar when I'm 30 and he's 26 you'd say I shouldn't be a teacher? It's one thing for a 40 year old to date a freshly graduated 18 year old.

But your being mean and closed minded.

There are millions of single, attractive people in the dating pool. Is it really that difficult to find someone who isn't an ex student?

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If it's worth your job, then go for it, but don't start complaining when your district finds a way to remove you. First off as an educated, non drug user, non partying twenty something there are not millions of people out there. Majority of my female coworkers are single for this reason. There are students in my school, if ten years from now I were to date one, no one in administration would remember that one name.

And even if they did my termination over that would be illegal. I teach elementary school so no, I would not ever date one of my students. However you are outrageous and uninformed. Also for someone who loves and values their children you should really get off reddit and spend the day with them. You literally just said that "if ten years from now, I were to date a student, no one in administration would remember" and "I teach elementary school" in the same post?

I think that someone who teaches elementary school to fight for the right to date ex students is especially outrageous. While your at it, maybe you could start looking up kids you used to babysit too if your looking for a potential mate.

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Again there's of them so no one will likely remember. However at that point I'll be 35 and dating a 21 year old is already too young for me. I also said I'd never date a student. Stop trying to ruin my Christmas you crusty bitch. I hope your 16 year old daughter dates a 45 year old truck driver and you get stuck raising her six bastards. Very inappropriate, wouldn't want you anywhere near 10 year olds, but what should I expect from a person who thinks its cool to date their students. Your poor grammar makes me question your appropriateness as a teacher.

Thanks for that pedantic concern.