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Wow, way to generalize a whole race. I am a really hardcore feminist who would absolutely hate being a stay-at-home mom or have a guy tell her what to do. I have also only dated Asian guys I am white , some even born outside of the US, who were A-ok with this and maybe even had a fetish for strong women. You just have to find ones who can think for themselves and are bored by some of the servile women in their home country. I am quite amazed. Someone mentioned shanghai girls being spoiled. Same goes for taiwan. I simply avoid their cocky behavior.

I strongly disagree with the men sheltering women part. We want strong independent women, even better if they lead the relationship. Expect yourself to be contributing to the cleaning, cooking, etc. LOL Who the heck told you it would be easy? Chinese men work, wives take the money to buy what they think the household need. And why do we put up with it? Shame us in front of our own parents.

Typically Chinese parents treasury their sons and want them to do the right thing. They work hard all their entire life for their children, and if they find out their son is an irresponsible jerk. So in this case. If a black woman want a Chinese guy. Be nice to him and his parents. Once the marriage is over. Your chinese hubby is your bag carrying servant for the rest of your life. You ladies are already exchanging very closely accurate information. Given the stereotypes of Hispanicmen leaving their family for another women.

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Given the stereotypes that blackmen leaving because they cannot financially support. I am more incline to be confident in the recommending of Chinese-Korean-Japanese men for women. East Asian guys will not force any religion or crap onto you like an angry redneckwhitie forcing you to vote conservative or an islamic middle eastern that wants you all covered up. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post! I really appreciate this very informational post that I have found from your site.

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You seem to be very well-knowledgeable about Asian men and women. My husband is 51 and let ne tell yah…. So one thing for sure.. He may be the only one cause I Nevrr meet an asian man like him lol. I know that this post has more than a year, but I think you can help me I really need help!

We started going to the cinema, then having dinner, then having dinner at his house, and then having dinner and watching movies at his house. The thing is… he never said anything about liking me or ever show any trace of interest…I mean, like holding hands or try to hug me or kiss. I know that our cultures are really different, but when you like somebody, you somehow, let them know, right? I really like him! The opinion was formed after 4 years of dates whilst living in China. There are tons and tons of Chinese men like me out there.

Did you grow up in mainland China? Chinese guys have the reputation of being disrespectful and bossy to Chinese women. It is the history and it is the truth.

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I moved to the stateside 6 years ago, and I have dated 3 Chinese guys before I married a white guy. Now, what are you gonna say? I say you choose the wrong guys. Also, there are good and bad people in every race. Do you think no white guy ever beat his wife? Korean Gender Reader, 26 Jan. I love feminist women: Hi, could you make the parallel description of black women for those of us who are Asian men interested in black women? Jo, thank you so much for writing this! Though I must say, I still consider myself a feminist. Maybe that makes me an outlier?

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Sorry, yes I realised that. I just meant it surprised me that three was deemed enough. I actually would love to be taken care of by a man. I am not a feminist my friends in the states think that I am old fashioned. I am marriage minded. Heck I want to get married an impregnated within 6 months. I Asian men believe in a woman staying staying home with the children at least until child is school age.

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In fact men here think I am too antiquated in my beliefs. ABC never really found me attractive. I need help Jo you should write a the art of picking up Asian men as a blog topic. In fact there was this very cute Asian guy sitting behind me at church today. Then I got to shake his hand when we did sharing of the peace. His name was Ben but I was so clueless what to. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Twitter Facebook Email Print Reddit. October 5, at 6: August 19, at My Chinese background, though I recognize I'm distanced from it and I'll never truly understand it the way you do, means a lot to me.

I'm aware that I'm very Americanized, but my identity is still Chinese because that's how I am perceived on the exterior and that's how I perceive myself. Most of my family is still in China. I cannot change my circumstances, go back in time and choose to be raised in China.

For you to call me the worst type of Chinese person makes you the worst type of person. At the break, my classmates who had heard the exchange each approached me to tell me how they couldn't believe what they'd walked into. They asked why I handled it so nicely, and why I felt I needed to explain my identity. It was because I felt empathy for his outsider status in our classroom and I felt that there was no need to react defensively to what I recognized as his ignorance, because that would have shown that I cared.

Truthfully, the comment hurt me and I struggled to understand its meaning by consulting Chinese friends and family. Maybe I was more American at this point than I was Chinese, but does this discredit and erase the period of my life before I lived in America, before I became a citizen? This wasn't the first time I'd felt discriminated against.

Although I went to elementary school with mostly Asian children, my middle and high school lacked significant diversity. I often felt I had to de-racialize myself to fit in, and at times found myself rejecting friendships with other Asian students because that would make me more Asian and therefore more marginalized by association.

This all happened unconsciously; I was a child who lacked an objective understanding of the shame I felt for being different. I often found myself not studying in order to counteract stereotypes that because I was Asian, I was a nerd. I stopped going to Chinese school and put up a fight practicing piano every evening -- things I wish I had continued -- because I felt that they would further alienate me I didn't need to be further alienated, I was already marked as an alien on my green card before my citizenship!

Unfortunately, my rejection of education was against my parents' values; like many Chinese immigrants, they relied on education as the main mode of upward mobility. My reaction towards discrimination and my desire to assimilate were costly and left me confused, isolated and filled with shame and guilt. I grew up learning how to deflect jokes about math, rice and tiny eyes -- or at least how to avoid seeming bothered by them.

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As I grew older and began to date, I came to realize my status as a fetish. Men who were interested in me often admitted to having "yellow fever," or dismissed their interest in Asian women as a phase that every man goes through in his life. When I met one of my ex-boyfriends' parents, his mom told him, "I get it, you want something exotic right now. But these experiences left me just as disheartened, as men would staunchly deny that they had "an Asian thing" and one recently even peeled my eyelid back and asked me, "Why won't it open? Even when I walk on the street, men will catcall me and say, "Are you from China looking for a husband?

I've found that being Asian has also influenced my professional opportunities. My past jobs often hinged on positive biases towards Asians; I found myself in tech positions when I personally thought I was under-qualified.